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Private Preserve – Wine Preservation Spray


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PRIVATE PRESERVE is a wine preserver solution that uses inert gas to reduce oxidation in open wines. According to the company itself: “Private Preserve is well suited to the preservation of wine, port, sherry, single malts, single batch bourbons, old Cognac, sake, ultra-fine tequila, and in the kitchen, fine cooking oils and vinegars.” Well played, Private Preserve.


Private Preserve is a simple way to slow the natural aging process and keep wines fresher longer. Air flows into a bottle when you pop the cork. Simply reinserting the cork will prevent a continuous flow of oxygen from entering the bottle and thus slow the oxidation of the contents. But the oxygen already inside will be enough to age the contents unless you spray in some Private Preserve.

PRIVATE PRESERVE replaces the air in a bottle with a balanced mixture of three gases (Carbon dioxide, Nitrogen and Argon) we naturally breathe. Private Preserve differs from fresh air because of what it lacks – oxygen and impurities.

Similar to how low temperatures keep food fresh longer in refrigerators, pumping Private Preserve into a bottle results in low oxygen levels and so keeps whatever is in the bottle fresh longer.

Good for 120 uses.



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